About Us

Our Mission


The Interstitial Cystitis Network is a woman owned,"social advocacy"health education company dedicated to interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder and other pelvic pain disorders. Using the internet, we create innovative solutions to the pressing problems facing patients diagnosed with urologic conditions, medical care providers who care for them and the research community seeking new treatments and cures. For the past 25 years, we have provided critical 24/7 support to patients in need, developed new educational materials, conducted vital research, provided webinars/lectures and created IC awareness campaigns, all at NO COST to the patients who visit our websites.

Experience and Professionalism


Jill Osborne MA is the longest serving IC support group leader in the world. With degrees in chemistry, pharmacology and psychology, she launched the IC Network in 1994 as the first website and online support group dedicated to IC. Now celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ICN,  Jill continues to educate, inspire and empower pelvic pain patients. She is a full voting member of the CDMRP US Army IC Research Panel. She is the curator for the IC Network website and its magazine, the IC Optimist. A dynamic speaker, she also streams all things IC twice a month if not more! 

Quality Information


The harsh reality facing patients today is that many doctors simply aren't trained in the accurate diagnosis of IC, much less Hunner's lesions. Many patients continue to be told that their symptoms are "all in their heads." How do you defeat that attitude? With solid information. Patients must become their own advocates and walk into every appointment prepared to talk about their symptoms and treatment options. That's how we can help! Please visit our main IC Network website to learn more about IC and how to work with your physicians. You might also want to become a member and subscribe to our magazine so that you can get the latest IC and Hunner's lesion research! LEARN ABOUT ICN MEMBERSHIPS